• 2021 - 2022kangaroo

     It is a pleasure to be the Acting Principal of Conerly Road School.  I am in awe at the family spirit that permeates the school environment.  The staff, students and parents work as a cohesive team to continue the long legacy of excellence at Conerly Road School.

    The school family has met the challenges of navigating the educational journey through a pandemic period in our history.  We have taken one step at a time to proceed with caution and maintain a safe environment for all.  The health and well-being of our students and staff is at the center of all of our actions.

    The students have demonstrated a deep level of resilience and have moved forward with an optimistic spirit.  The staff members are assessing the growth and areas in need of growth to establish a foundation of high level skill and content in learning.

    The PTO leadership has been active in creating new ways to celebrate our students, while at the same time maintaining a safe atmosphere.  I look forward to the events they have planned.

    Let us continue to support and celebrate one another as we travel together through the 2021-2022 school year.  Thank you for your partnership with the school staff in designing and implementing best practices for our students.  Enjoy the journey this year.


    Eileen Brett

    Acting Principal

    Conerly Road School