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    District Professional Development Vision Statement: The Franklin Township Public Schools will offer a program of professional development that is differentiated by the needs of all staff members, offers choice, and enhances student learning.

    Monthly Staff Meeting / Grapple PLC Schedule
    Monday PK-5
    Tier 2 / Tier 3*
    6 - 8
    Tier 1
    9 - 12
    Tier 1
    1st Monday Principal Meeting  Dept. Meeting Principal Meeting 
    2nd Monday  Data Action
    and Specialist Teams
     Dept. Data Action/PLA OR Principal Culture/Climate  Principal Culture/Climate OR Dept. Data Action/PLA
    3rd Monday Principal Culture/Climate   Principal Meeting  Dept. Meeting

    Professional Development Announcements:

    Professional Development Activities:

    Thank you for participating in our professional development in-service training today.  I saw lots of collaboration during our SGO and PDP development sessions, and I also observed what appeared to be some very high quality PD delivered by our colleagues and visitors to the district.

    Please take a moment to let us know how the day went by taking this quick survey so that we can make adjustments and improve upon our work.  Also, please click here to take you to our PD certificate download page.

    Thanks again for working hard to develop your professional skills and dispositions: our students will be the true benefactors of your work today!