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    September 2010


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to the new school year!  I am sure you share my excitement about the many activities and special events already scheduled.


    We are pleased to provide the attached comprehensive permission forms regarding use of your childs photograph, name and information in District and school-level publicity.


    Please note that there are two separate forms attached:


    o          Student Information Form A (directory information).  This form notifies you that the District/school may use certain types of information (known as directory information) regarding your child in places such as newsletters, newspapers, brochures, the District calendar and Channel 14/34. 

    This form also notifies you that you have the right to opt-out and refuse to permit the use of or sharing of information regarding your child.  In order to refuse permission to use information regarding your child, you must sign and return Form A. (NOTE: Form A does not apply to use of student photographs and other information on the District/school Web site, and the District/school will not post any student information on one of our Web sites unless you specifically authorize us to do so, by signing and returning Form B.)


    o          Student Information Form B (District/school web site).           This form permits the use of your childs photograph, name and/or other information on the District/school Web site.  It must be signed and returned in order to grant permission; otherwise, no information regarding your child will appear on the District/school web site.


    Please note that there are deadlines and more detailed information on the forms for your review.  For your information, a Notification of Rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act has also been attached.


    Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.






    Roberta V. Mitchell




    Excellence, Opportunity, and Affirmation for Every Child