• Franklin Middle School
    After - School Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

    ·              Clubs do not meet on Monday and/or Friday.

    ·         Late buses (4:00 PM) only run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    ·         Late buses leave school at approximately 4:00 PM

    ·         Late bus stops may not be the regular bus stop.

    ·         Attendance is taken at all clubs/activities. Attendance is monitored.

    ·         Students are not permitted to leave school and then return to school for a club or late bus

    ·         IDs and bus passes proving eligibility for transportation are required for late buses.

    ·         Students must inform their parents that they are remaining after school for any reason. If a child does not ride a bus, parents must make arrangements for their child to get home from school.

    ·         Please check back for updates