• 2016/2017 School Year



    Online Textbook:  


    Once we start our U.S. History Unit, I will register you to the online text. 



    website:  www.teachtci.com

    Click on Student Log on (use the log in information that you will receive, do not register yourself)

    Teacher email:  mrs.juch@gmail.com

    user name:  first name initial and last name, all lowercase no spaces or hyphens.   For example, if your name is John Smith your user name would be:  jsmith

    password:  test123


    About this class:

    Our Social Studies class will focus the following major topics:

    • United States History & Government/Civics
    • The Holocaust and Human Behavior/Tolerance






    Tests/Quizzes:           40%

    Papers/Projects/Notebook:                30%

    Class work and Participation:             20%

    (CW: 15%, Class Participation: 5%)

    Homework:           10%



    Basic Format and Procedure:


    Upon entering class, students are required to be seated in their assigned seats when the bell rings.  Students are to take out the assigned homework (if applicable) and have it ready on their desks to be checked or collected.  Students are required to copy the homework in his/her student planners. Students are to date and number a page in his/her notebook and copy/complete the “Do Now” that will be on the board.  (If there is not an assignment on the board, students are to wait for instruction from the teacher.) Notebook checks will be conducted and count as a project grade.  Notebooks will be left in class.  (see separate instructions about the Interactive Notebook) 


    Students must write and complete any “Do Nows”, notes, class work, journal writing, “Exit Slips/Tickets”, etc.

     Late to Class:  Students entering late to class     without a signed pass from a faculty member must take a “Late to Class Form” and complete each item on the slip.  You are then to turn in the “Late to Class Form” in the appropriate envelope located by the entrance/exit.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior:

    1st offense:  Warning, Conference with Student

    2nd Offense: Phone call/Note Home

    3rd Offense:  Teacher Detention

    4th Offense:  Write Up





    Classroom Expectations:

    • Present yourself with dignity
    • Begin work immediately
    • Be in your seat when the bell rings
    • Have class materials ready
    • Quiet on teacher signal
    • Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
    • Use classroom materials as directed





    There are many opportunities to earn rewards throughout the school year in class.  If students are following the classroom expectations (see above), they will be rewarded a Knight Token.  Students can then use those tokens at the School Store or for items offered by the teacher.  We may play a game in class to review for a test or quiz where the winning team will be rewarded a prize.

    I may offer a class contest where good behavior will be  rewarded with free time.

    Prizes/Rewards may include but are not limited to:

    • Homework Pass
    • Positive Report Phone Call Home
    • 5 points extra credit on a test






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