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    Contact Information:
              Monday, January 24, 2022
              Email Address: lblum@franklinboe.org
              Telephone Number: 732-873-2800
              Room 407
              Social Studies 6th Grade
    Current Unit:  From Dependence to Independence(Unit 3)  
    All students are required to have a binder (section of a binder is fine) or folder for Social Studies.
    (All materials can be found on Google Classroom)
    Students can access Junior Scholastic magazine by visiting www.juniorscholastic.com
    To log on:  Click Sign In, students, and use class password sgs407
    Week of Sept. 9th:  World of and Personal Time Lines
    Week of Sept. 16th: Unit1 Vocabulary, Cardinal Directions, & Land Forms.
    Week of Sept. 23rd:  Latitude/Longitude, Pre Test, and map projections.
    Week of Sept. 30th: Map Projections and Create a Map project.
    Week of Oct. 7th:  Natural Resources and Create a Map Project.
    Week of Oct. 14th: Create a Map project, World Time Zones, Junior Scholastic Current Events.
    Week of Oct. 21th & 28th: Survival Guide Project and the Minimum Wage.
    Week of Nov. 4th: Survival Guide presentations and Unit 1 review.
    Week of Nov. 11th: Unit 1 Review and Unit 1 Test. 
    Week of Nov. 18th & 22nd: Unit 2 Introduction, Vocabulary and Culture.
    Week of Dec. 2nd: The Olmecs.
    Week of Dec. 9th: The Maya
    Week of Dec. 16th & Jan. 2nd: Maya Newspaper Project.
    Week of Jan. 6th: Aztecs
    Week of Jan. 13th: Incas
    Week of Jan. 20th: Explorers of the New World.
    Week of Jan. 27th: Explorers Research.
    Week of Feb. 3rd: Projects due and Study Guide
    Week of Feb. 10th: Guidance Departments 7th Grade Electives Presentation & Unit 2 Essay/Test.
    Week of Feb. 17th: Black History Month and Unit 2 Wrap up.
    Week of Feb. 24th: Skills review.
    Week of March 2nd: Primary Election and Unit 3 Vocabulary.
    Week of March 9th: Spanish Colonies and Independence.