• Welcome, and thank you for your participation in this exciting work!  This process marks the first time that we have attempted to completely facilitate all meetings, discussions and decisions online. As this is the first time we're doing this, a certain level of discipline will need to be applied to ensure that your voice, which is vital to this process, is heard, and the work proceeds in a timely fashion.

    The plan that we will develop will have a specific scope of integration of technology into the classroom as an instructional tool. This plan is not meant to be a "Comprehensive" district plan, delving into other areas, such as, facilities, transportation, etc.. The comprehensiveness of this plan will be focused solely on the use of technology as an instructional tool.

    To develop the plan, we will first create a vision for instructional technology use. We will then create goals that support the vision. Once goals are defined, a needs assessment can be conducted to determine what the plan must contain to achieve the goals. Once we've determined need, we can develop a plan to address need, and assess progress. The DOE has specific questions which need to be answered in the plan. In the "Files and Article" section of this site, is a file called "checklist.pdf" which contains a list of the information which must be part of the plan.

    Below is a quick time line for this process, and as you can see, we have a lot of work to do in a short time frame to ensure this plan results in a solid framework for meaningful integration of technology across the curriculum:

    • Process begins, Website created and discussions started - you just read this, so it's on!!
    • First Draft of plan to be vetted by all Directors and Principals - February 24th (Delivered online, wahoo!!)
      • Comments from Directors and Principals - March 5th (Again, submitted online, oh yeah baby!!)
    • First Video Conference of all committee members - TBD
    • Revisions and changes based on comments from Directors and Principals - March 12th (Dare I say it... online... there I said it)
    • Second Video conference of committee members - TBD
    • Final Draft completed and vetted by all Directors and Principals for grammar and accuracy of information, but no substantial revisions - March 19th (If I say something here, I'm just being goofy)
    • Plan approved by all committee members and provided to the BOE for review and approval in April - March 30th
    • BOE approves plan, plan sent to County Superintendent for approval - May 14th
    • Count Superintendent approves plan, plan submitted to DOE by June 30th
    • Plan approved by State, then the real fun begins...Hold you breath......IMPLEMENTATION!!!!! 
    OK, to begin the process we need to develop a joint vision which will guide the remainder of our work. To begin the process of developing a vision, lets take a moment and reflect on the question "What do I believe about learning, and about the use of instructional technology to support learning?" When you are ready to share your thoughts on that question, go to the blog on this site called, "Beliefs about Instructional Technology", and share your reflections.  At this point, please do not comment on anyone's thoughts, simply share your own.  We'll do this until Monday February 15, at which time we'll switch to having a formal discussion to take our common beliefs and turn them into a vision, goals, and needs assessment plan.

    Thank you again for your participation in this work.  Every member of this committee was specifically selected because they individually bring something unique and pertinent to the process. Without your full involvement, this process will suffer, so please believe me when I sincerely say that you specifically are vitally important to this process and the district will be better for your efforts.

    Lets Rock!!!
Last Modified on February 3, 2010