• Dear Future Math Genius,  
    Can you believe the summer is alot most over?
    This year I am eager and excited to get you started on your six grade MATH adventure. You will be challenged and you will have to work, but I promise that you will see great rewards when you accomplish the tasks set before you.  MATH is fun AND IT WILL BE. However, it is up to you to make that decision.  You will expected to follow classroom procedures that we will go over. I just ask for your BEST-ALWAYS! 
    Below is a supply list that will be needed from you to make sure you have the greatest success in my classroom:
    1. A Notebook (if it could be a two/three subject- one part notes, the other homework/classwork)
    2. PENCILS and more pencils
    3. A highlighter
    4.  dry erase markers (*we use these the whole year!)
    5. a dry earaser OR an old sock that you can erase with
    6. Your textbook covered
    For now this is it- more supplies might be added, however, these are the most important.
    Looking forward to meeting you!!!!!
    Mrs. Miele/Wilkerson