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    Contact Information:
               Email Address:  ballen@franklinboe.org
              Telephone Number:  (732)873-2800

    5th Grade Supply List


    Mrs. Allen (Literacy/Social Studies) & Ms. Rella (Math/Science)

    2017-2018 SUPPLY LIST

    ·      NO    lead refill pencils
    ·      NO    spiral notebooks
    ·      NO    plastic box pencil cases
    ·      2- boxes sharpened at home wooden pencils 
    ·      Large zip lock bag (labeled with name)
    ·      3- colored pens (ONLY red, purple or green)
    ·      2-highlighters (any color)
    ·      2- black sharpies
    ·      1-box black pens
    ·      pencil case (zipper kind, or the one that slides in/out are great)
    ·      2- sturdy book covers (brown paper bags work great)
    ·      2- folders
    ·      6- marble composition notebooks
    ·      1- roll of clear (2 inch) packing tape (will be used to cover their two math workbooks, covers rip easily)
    ·      2- ear buds (1 for home, 1 for school)  recommend $10 or less
    ·      1- box of tissues (for homeroom teacher)
    ·      markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue stick (place in large zip lock bag to be stored at home, occasionally brought to class)
    ·      school planner with pre-written dates (usually provided by school)
    in addition to above
    SPANISH CLASS:  they usually only need 1 notebook & 1 folder, feel free to e-mail that teacher to verify.
    ** We will label their notebooks, folders, etc. with them in September : )
    (4) boxes of Tissues/Hand Sanitizer/Plastic Ziplock Bags /Markers/Crayons 
    We are very excited about the Goals we have for our students to achieve excellence and the Goals our students will set for themselves to contribute to a very successful school year! 
    Welcome to an amazing 2017-2018 school  year!   My name is Mrs. Allen  I teach ELA Literacy and Social Studies  My team teacher  Ms. Rella teaches Math and Science  and  I am  looking forward to an exciting  year  and an amazing learning environment with our students and the support of our parents. .  Our classroom is a dynamic team, we are looking forward to a great year with the support of our parents.   If you need to contact me please send an email to ballen@franklinboe.org  or sign your child's agenda.   Independent Reading  is an integral part of our learning environment.  Please encourage your child to read at home everyday.  We want our students to experience the joys of reading.  Read Read Read   Most of all for our students to become life long readers. We will be taking the  PARCC Assessment this year please check out the information on this Assessment on the New Jersey Department of Education website .
    Literacy- Read  alouds and independent  reading, We are working on Non-fiction Reading and Writing my favorite unit next to persuasive writing and poetry.   I can remember when I was 10 and used to read with my parents and discuss the articles that  experience was great.  I encourage students to read with parents and discuss their books of interest.  It is a time to get lost in books and make the characters come to life as well as make text to self text to world and text to text connections.  We are currently working with the Columbia University Model for  Reading and Writing Workshop in Literacy.  It will be a  great year filled with rigorous writing and stories  that come to life on paper.  We will be reading  a variety of book genres to challenge our thinking  in the area of reading comprehension and making inferences during reading.
    In Social Studies we will begin with Unit 1 "The Three Worlds Meet"  studying information about  Colonialism in America. We will be writing persuasively, and  summarizing information about what we read.  Students will be summarizing  articles in Social Studies and discussing articles in differentiated learning groups.  It will be an exciting learning experience.  We will incorporate the  mini-lesson format from Reading Workshop and use reading strategies  in the workshop model  in Social Studies.   We look forward to an amazing school year. 
    Mrs. Allen apple