• Readers.Writers.Talkers. Collaborators.

    Welcome to Ms. Francis’ English Language Arts

    Our literacy class is a collaborative learning environment enriched by both students and staff.  This class promotes students' self agency through coaching of respect, effort, accountable actions (achievement), courage, and honesty —thereby demonstrating SGS’ motto, REACH for the stars.

    We cultivate an atmosphere in which everyone learns and supports each other through collaboration. Working in conjunction with their peers, students participate in: sharing ideas, giving effective feedback, clarifying, wondering, elaborating, formulating suggestions and likewise serve as homework checkers and point students.

    Our students, as they work productively with each other, are affording themselves a great favor for now and through high school, college, and beyond, into professional life (Pedro Noguera 2003).

    Additionally, student achievement is strongly linked to consistent and strong effort (Marzano).  As such, our students are consistently encouraged and held accountable to utilize their resources (exemplars, scripted directions, references) to follow through, complete, and produce all literacy assignments timely, in order to practice and apply skills/concepts and meet the aggregated (volume) requirements for assessments. 

    Our learning community consists of the school, home, and child. Please do not hesitate to bring the concerns of or about your child immediately to my attention. Together, we can work to find solutions to propel our students—your children—toward their greatness.  

    As always, you are cordially invited to contact me and feel free to also come and see our readers and writers at work.  Just set an appointment with admin and me to come in and take a look!


    Contact Information:

             Office Hours:  Tuesdays: 2:40-3:20.  Room 603

              Email Address:  pfrancis@franklinboe.org

              Telephone Number:  (732) 873-2800 X603

             Please use e-mail address instead of phone number