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               Email Address:  jjones@franklinboe.org
              Telephone Number: (732) 302-4200 x4503  
    office hour: I am available every day after school in B119.  Please feel free to stop by any time with any questions!

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    www.nle.org (many practice exams and answers for the National Latin Exam)
    www.njcl.org (Junior Classical League national website: please check this to explore our organization and for info and practice questions on the national etymology exam and national civilization exam and the Latin vocabulary exam)
    www.medusaexam.org (this explains the Medusa Mythology Exam and also has specific syllabus to study) 

    NOTA BENE: The last day to re-take or serve detention for marking period 1 is Wednesday November 2nd, 2016.

    • Two River Theater in Red Bank (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) Tuesday, December 1st (bring lunch or bring money to purchase)
    • Montclair University's Classics Day: April 8: for Latin 3 and 4 students ONLY:  (only 10 students allowed to go, 1st come 1st serve)  cost: free (bring lunch or $) 
    • Princeton Art Museum: January 7th: with AP world history students: $10 (only 20 Latin students may attend: for Latin 2, 3, 4 students only) 
    • CERTAMEN!  Tuesday, March 15th: "certamen" means contest and is held at Princeton University.  This is a free trip (covered by the JCL) and is a competition where Latin students from around the state compete in a knowledge bowl!  Is your child coming to practices?  Please encourage them to join us!  There is a team for Latin I, Latin II, and upper level Latin (3 and 4)
    • JCL State convention: Saturday, April 23rd: fun for all!  free trip (covered by JCL) come and participate in athletic, academic and artistic competitions! please note: this is during spring break, so please schedule your vacations after we go as it will be amazing!  It's at Ridge High School this year so nice and close!
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC: Wednesday, March 9th
    JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE  (our Latin club) meets in Room B119 on Thursdays
    • Nationals!!  We will be attending nationals summer of 2017!!  These trips are soooo much fun and you can win many awards!!  visit: www.njcl.org for more information!  Feel free to email me as well!   
    • induction for Latin honor society will take place in the spring.  Requirements are: "A" in Latin for three years, good citizen, and somewhat active in the Junior Classical League (Latin club) for three years. So, if your freshman Latin I student is any way shape or form thinking of continuing in Latin, encourage him/her to sign up for JCL.
    • dues for Junior Classical League ($7) are due by October 30.  No exceptions, I must turn dues into the state and national JCL.
    • Safe Halloween: Thursday, October 29th from 4-6 p.m. Younger children come into high school and trick or treat and participate in activities.  We will have a room for our club and need help setting up, helping children, and cleaning up.  This is a wonderful community service opportunity and is quite rewarding for our students. 
    • Central Regional Meeting: taking place this year in November at Christian Brothers Academy: details will be shared as soon as we know them! Go Franklin!
    • please let me know if you would like to host a student from a foreign country.  We hosted a student from Germany three years ago for one month and it was quite rewarding and opened our eyes to see how others view Americans.  He was like part of our family and our children missed him very much when he left.  His family then hosted our son for a few weeks in the summer.  Students tend to stay for about one month, either during school year or during summer.  The program also offers an opportunity for your child to travel abroad.
    • remind 101: please join our Latin groups: we have remind groups for Latin I, II, III, IV, and a JCL group.  Ask Magistra Jones for more information!