• Welcome to the Office of Instructional Technology 

    Instructional Technology
    Our Vision: 

    The Office of Instructional Technology recognizes and embraces the pivotal role of technology within our schools and district communities in today’s global society.  In an effort to facilitate innovative learning and teaching, WE will strive to provide a safe and secure technological setting with current technology, information resources, and training.  The 21st Century  Ready Stakeholders - Students, teachers, administrators and community members will be able to access, process, and communicate information using a wide range of resources and technologies. Individuals will have the opportunity to become independent, life-long learners in a rapidly-changing society. 

  • Objectives and Purposes:
    * To understand, practice and encourage the legal and ethical use of technology.
    * To promote effective learning through effective teaching.
    * To integrate technology into the curriculum of all departments.
    * To make current technology available and accessible to all students, faculty, staff and administration.
    * To establish and maintain the minimum required competencies for students, faculty, staff and administration.
    * To provide training to all students, faculty, staff and administration.
    * To periodically re-evaluate our commitment to technology to ensure that we are providing the most effective teaching and learning tools to our students and staff.

Dr. Amy Arsiwala, Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Dr. Amy Arsiwala
  • Meet the Instructional Technology Team:
    Dr. Amy Arsiwala - Supervisor of Instructional Technology
    Myra Brown - Instructional Technology Coach
    Akia Atkinson-Jones - Instructional Technology Coach
    Ted Samaras - Instructional Technology Coach
    Connie Tripi - Instructional Technology Coach

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