School Counseling Office

    The Franklin Middle School provides an organized guidance program for all pupils.  The philosophy that the individual is of central importance is basic to the guidance services of the school.  The guidance point of view may be defined as the attitude that aims to help the individual:

    1.  To understand self;

    2. To make the most of self capacities, interests, and other qualities;

    3. To adjust satisfactorily to the varied situations within the total environment;

    4.  To develop the abilities to make wise decisions and solve problems independently.

    In the scheduling process, the department has readily available the results of achievement tests, teacher recommendations and previous classroom performances.  These data are fundamental in assuring that each pupil is scheduled into a learning environment in which each pupil can develop and be challenged to the maximum of his/her potential.


    Guidance Activities:

    1.  All aspects of the schools testing program are carefully planned and supervised by the guidance department;

    2.  Individual and group guidance and counseling is an ongoing process;

    3.  Cumulative records are maintained by the department and are readily available for use during parent, teacher, and pupil conferences.  Counselors maintain contact with parents and encourage parental calls to aid the pupils adjustment process;

    4.  Counselors meet on a regular basis with each T-set to insure comprehensive communication about (and with) counselees;

    5.  When the need is apparent that the Child Study Team should be involved with an individual, the referral system is utilized by the counselor to the fullest extent;

    6.  We organize the programs for the upcoming 6th graders, the current 7th graders and we assist the high school counselors with the 9th grade orientation when the counselors come to the middle school to discuss the 9th grade courses.

    7.   Pupils are constantly evaluated by counselors and teachers and are scheduled accordingly to promote a better academic, social, or emotional adjustment when the need arises.

    The success of the educational program depends upon wholehearted cooperation between teachers, administrators, and specialized guidance counselors.  This cooperation leads to the best academic, social, and emotional adjustment of all pupils.



    Our three school guidance counselors service all of the students of F.M.S. The students are divided among those counselors based on their last names. The assignments for the 2017-2018 school year are:



    A - G    Ms. Quiyon Peters  
      732-249-6410 ext. 322
    H - Pa    Ms. Precious Acolatse   pacolatse@franklinboe.org    732-249-6410 ext. 323
    Pe -Z   Ms. Surbhi Alaigh   salaigh@franklinboe.org   732-249-6410 ext. 324