• Franklin Middle School Media Center Parent Information
    How to contact the Library staff with questions

    Librarian: Mrs. Auguste

    Email: mauguste@franklinboe.org

    Phone: (732) 249-6410 ext. 337
    What students can do in the Library

    Students can come to the Library from class to type papers or complete research.

  • Students can come to the Library to check out books, read magazines or work on homework.

    Students can use the Library printer at no charge.

    How students can come to the Library

    They receive a pass from a classroom teacher

    The students must have a school issued pass or student planner.

    Students must be wearing their Student ID.

      They can come to the Library at lunch time

      The teachers must submit the students names by 10:00 am.

      The students will get the pass from the cafeteria staff after they finish eating.

      The students must have their ID or the cafeteria staff will not allow them to leave the cafeteria.

      Lunch passes are limited to 10 students per lunch period.

      Students are only signed up every other day. Students may not be signed up for two days in a row.

      Once students enter the Library they may not go back to the cafeteria.
      They come to the Library with their classes for research, book selection or other projects.

      A class will work on research for about 4 to 5 days.

      They may come to the Library on Tuesdays for After-School Research

      Teachers must contact the Library Media Center to sign students up.

      Students can sign themselves up to stay after school

      20 students maximum will be allowed.

      All students must have their ID's.

        Teachers use of the Library after school

        Teachers may use the Library after school any day of the week with their students providing there is no administrative meeting scheduled. Please check with us or check the building use calendar before making any plans.

          How students can check out books from the Library

          Students can select 3 books at a time to check out.

          Books will be signed out for a 2-week period.

          Students can ask to have their due dates extended.

          Students may have a maximum of 4 books signed out to their accounts at a time.

          Students must have their ID to check out books because their ID is their Library card.

          If a student has overdue Library materials they may not check out any books.