• From Our Nurses Office


    Immediate care is given to the individual.

    All accidents must be reported to the nurse and an incident form (obtained from the nurse) filled out.

    The nurse is available each school day from 7:25 a.m. to 2:33 p.m. (If the nurse is not available, contact the Main Office.)  The parents (and outside help if necessary) will be contacted from the nurses office.

    After-school Activities: If the school nurse, the Main Office staff and the parents cannot be reached, the activity sponsor should call the police emergency number and be responsible for a complete follow-through.



    A student who requests to leave a classroom due to illness should be issued a pass to report directly to the nurses office.

    If the pupil appears to be seriously ill, another student should be sent with him/her.  Please call the nurses office to inform them that the student is on his/her way.

    If a student expresses or you determine that the student cannot walk to the nurses office, either with or without assistance please call either the main office, the nurses office or security for immediate assistance.

    If the nurse in not available, the pupil should report to the Main Office.


    Phone Numbers

    School nurse: 249-6410, Extension 246 or 247

    Police: 873-2300 or 911 (Also Rescue Squad)

    Information given should include:

    What occurred (nature of incident)

    Where on school property incident occurred


    Acute/Chronic Illnesses

    Students are permitted to carry Asthma Inhalers and Epi-pens with them during the school day with clearance from the school nurse and permission from parent/guardian and physician.  Over the counter medications and all other prescription medications must be left in the Nurses Office with signed documentation from both the parent/guardian and the primary physician.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to inform the school nurse of any medical conditions, either temporary or long-term, regarding their child(ren), including all allergies, etc.  This information is helpful in the event of an emergency.  Confidentiality is maintained.


    Parental Contact

    All contact regarding student illnesses must be made from the nurses office.  It is imperative that our medical staff monitor all health issues regarding the students and staff members of FMS.

    Students are only permitted to call home regarding illness from the nurses office.  Students should not contact a parent using a personal cell phone.  Early dismissals are not excused for student illness unless the student is released through the nurses office.