• Important Information About Phase III of Remote Learning

    Phase III of Remote Learning at FTPS will consist of 12 instructional days from Thursday, April 30 - Friday, May 15, 2020

    Reach Phase III Learning Modules Here

    What's New in Phase III of Remote Learning - Changes Based on Your Input

    We have made changes in Phase III based upon survey responses submitted by our student families and staff members.

    • Elementary assignments in our Phase III Remote Learning Modules are organized by day instead of by subject.
    • Middle School and High School assignments remain organized by subject area, but are further organized by day as well.
    • You will see a decrease in the volume of daily work.
    • Our teachers are moving toward consistency in computer applications, making it easier for parents to check student work across grade levels.
    • Teachers have been instructed to provide detailed directions on the submission of work and further resources have been added to assist families. 
    • In this Phase, assignments in digital format are emphasized and many are editable within the application so printing of assignments is reduced/eliminated.

    Student Accountability Assessment in Phase III 

    As introduced in our presentation on April 20, 2020, we will begin to assess student work for academic credit in Phase III.  Families should view the presentation, if you have any questions about how student work will be assess in Phase III, contact your child's Principal.

    Expanded Use of and Access to Technology in Phase III

    We are happy to report that, to our knowledge, by mid-way through Phase III, we will have provided access to technology and the Internet to all families in need in our district.

    Going forward we hope to have an opportunity to provide additional Chomebooks to our families, up to three per family, if supplies allow.  

    With that being said, in Phase III and in any subsequent phases, we will focus on digital learning.  When you visit the Learning Modules prepared for our elementary schools in Phase III you will see a digital folder and a printable folder.  The assignments in the printable folder represent the first six days of the assignments of Phase III as they also appear in the digital folder.  Going forward we will no longer provide printable assignments or printed packets.*

    *Printed packets will not be provided during the later half of Phase III or in subsequent phases unless approved by administration. 

    Looking Forward - Teacher Check-In With Groups of Students and Social Emotional Support

    While we cannot mandate that students remotely participate in lessons, as a group, at a certain time, during remote learning due to the various challenges that our families experience, we will be asking our teachers to reach out to their classes to try to schedule group meetings with as many students as possible, from time to time during this phase.  We believe that these teacher "check-ins" will help provide a greater sense of community for our students who may feel isolated at home.  

    If you wish and have not already done so, please log onto the Genesis Parent Portal and complete the Consent for Video Participation Form to ensure full participation by your child in these group meetings.  

    We are looking to provide further social/emotional support for our families through a partnership with Rutgers Behavioral Health.  More information on this organization and the resources that they can provide will be forthcoming.

    Continued Feedback and Communication

    Mid-way through Phase III we will create and advertise a survey to seek feedback on the changes we have implemented in Phase III. If you have a specific question about your child or his/her work or grades please contact his/her teacher or Principal.  If you have a general question, please check out Frequently Asked Questions or email mclark@franklinboe.org

    Free Meal Information - Once a Week Bulk Meal Pick Up 

    Free meals will continue to be provided to families in need and will be available for bulk pick up once a week on the following Mondays during Phase III, May 4 and May 11, 2020 from 9:30 - 11:30 am at EAS; HIL; PGM and the Hamilton Street Campus of Franklin Middle School.  Meal buses will also be stopping at designated locations from 9:15 - 10:30 on those days.  Call our Transportation Office on designated pick up days from 8 am – noon at 732-828-6620 to find the stop closest to you. 

    Information on Previous Phases Has Been Moved 

    Information on Phase I & Phase II as well as our Remote Learning Plan which was updated on May 14, 2020, have been removed from this page but is available via the links provided. 

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