• Genesis - Student Information System
    Franklin Township Public Schools uses a parent communication tool which enables parents/guardians to view student information.  This tool is called Genesis.  The Genesis Parent Access portal can provide parents/guardians with information about student grades, attendance and other related information. 
    In order to use the Parent Access portal, parents/guardians are encouraged to submit a Genesis Registration form.  This form will  then enable the parent/guardian to have an account created where they will then have the ability to access their student(s) information. 

    The Genesis Registration form can be completed by the parent/guardian by visiting their students' School webpage, clicking under the Parents tab, and then following to the Genesis Registration form.
    Please note:  for students of Franklin High School, please contact your child's Guidance Counselor in order to create an account to use the Genesis Parent Access Portal.  (There is no registration form for Franklin High School.)