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Information for Parents/Guardians of Children Who Are Experiencing Delays

Project CHILD FIND is a program from the NJ Department of Education to assist in the identification of unserved or underserved youth, from birth through age 21, with a delay or disability.  Call 1-800-322-8174 or click here for more information on Project CHILD FIND.
Click here for information from the New Jersey Department of Health: Division of Family Services on Early Intervention Referral Services.  
Click here for information on the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network.
Click here for information for the Association for Children of New Jersey.
Franklin Township Public Schools provides, through its Department of Pupil Personnel Services, educational services to students who have been  identified as having educationally debilitating conditions.  
The Director of Pupil Personnel Services is Dr. Brenda Sofield (732) 873-2400 Ext. 216. The Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services (grades 6-12) is Ms. Holly Gamble.  The Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services (grades PreK-5) is Ms. Kimberly Bunch (732) 873- 2400 Ext. 410.   The Supervisor of Child Study Teams is Mr. Ryan Green (732) 873-2400 Ext. 499. 

If you are a resident of Franklin Township and suspect that your child is having learning difficulties or if a health care provider has indicated that your child should be evaluated, please contact the Department of Pupil Personnel Services 1755 Amwell Road, Somerset, New Jersey, 08873.  (732) 873-2400 Ext. 203.