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Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) Contact Information

Franklin High School Anti-Bullying Personnel

Responsibilities include:

  • Chair the School Safety Team; convening the team at least twice during the school year;
  • Lead the investigation of incidents of harassment, intimidation & bullying in the school;
  • Act as the primary school official responsible for preventing, identifying, and addressing incidents of harassment, intimidation & bullying in the school;
  • Execute other duties related to harassment, intimidation & bullying as requested by the principal and/or the District Anti-Bullying Coordinator;
  • With the School Safety Team, is responsible for establishing/maintaining a positive school climate.

Chance Summerer

School Counselor

Anti-Bullying Specialist

(908) 386-2927

(732) 302-4200 x 5210 Room A103-5

School Safety Teams

School Safety Teams will consist of the building principal, or the principal's designee, a teacher, the anti-bullying specialist (s), a parent of a student in the school*, and other members as determined by the principal.


  • Receive the complaints of harassment, intimidation and bullying that have been reported to the principal
  • Receive copies of the investigation reports
  • Review and strengthen a school's policies that address harassment, intimidation & bullying; educate the school community
  • Participate in training programs and collaborate with the district's Anti-Bullying Coordinator in the collection of data and the development of the district's policies
  • * To maintain student confidentiality, the parent named to the School Safety Team shall not receive the complaint or the investigation report, and shall not participate in identifying and addressing patterns of harassment, intimidation and bullying of students in the school.

Dr. Nicholas Solomon, Ed.D

Principal - Franklin High School

732-302-4200 EXT. 6122