May 2, 2021

Good Evening and Greeting SGS Community,

This is Principal Rutledge wishing you good health with your weekly announcements.

Parents, the Genesis parent portal opened on Friday April 30th for your review of students marking period 3 report cards.

Students, as we work on marking period 4, and in an effort to finish strong, please remain connected and reach out to teachers, attend classes on time and take advantage of office hours. Participate, work hard at meeting teacher expectations and remain engaged at all times. Peer mentors are also available as an additional support.

Please remember to recognize your teachers during Teacher Appreciation week May 3-7th. Teachers need words of encouragement and a Thank you goes a long way!

To all our teachers, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, "you don't just teach, you inspire."

Let's make it a great week, the choice is yours.

Thank you,