Policies & Regulations

Bylaws, Policies & Regulations Overview

During the course of the year, the Board of Education may consider the adoption of new or revisions to bylaws, policies or regulations.  

These new or revised bylaws, policies or regulations will typically be discussed at a meeting of the Policy Committee prior to being placed on the agenda for discussion and action at a public Board of Education meeting. 

Adoption of new, or revisions to existing, bylaws or policies take place over the course of two Board of Education meetings. The documents will appear on the Board meeting agenda as an exhibit in the administration section for a first reading and then as a second reading and adoption at the following Board of Education meeting.

Regulations that require Board of Education approval, whether new or a revision to an existing regulation, require one reading and will be considered and approved at one meeting.

Bylaws, policies and regulations are generally created and/or updated in response to a change in statute, administrative code, or other guidance from the Department of Education or other governmental agency.  Other times, bylaws, policies and regulations are created and/or revised in response to a specific district need.

If you have any questions regarding the district's policy manual or our procedures, please contact Mary L. Clark, Senior Manager of Policies, Regulations and Communications, via email: Email Mary L. Clark or call 732-873-2400 Ext. 206.