Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction 

Daniel C. Loughran, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

About Us

The Franklin Township Public School District prides itself on offering a high-quality curriculum that is designed to be engaging, rigorous, and aligned with the standards and best practices. 

The Curriculum & Instruction offices are located at the Board of Education Administrative Campus
2301 Route 27, Building #3, Somerset, NJ 08873
Telephone: 732-873-2400 Ext. 297
Fax: 732-873-8416

District Curriculum Philosophy

The curricular philosophy of the Franklin Township Public School District begins with the belief that it is the essential right of all students to benefit from a curriculum that is standards-based, rigorous, dynamic and relevant. The curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of all students through purposeful and authentic assessment, quality instruction, and responsive differentiation that encourages students to think critically, problem solve and connect all content to life beyond the classroom. To this end, the curriculum prepares students for college and career readiness, and to become independent and productive citizens of the 21st century and a global society.

To accomplish this, the curriculum will:

  • Be driven by standards-based learning outcomes measured by purposeful, authentic, and varied forms of assessment that will inform instruction;

  • Incorporate best practices and current content knowledge that are grounded in scientifically based research;

  • Explore big ideas, essential questions, and promote enduring understandings that connect to real life applications;

  • Allow for flexibility and encourage experimentation and innovation within an overall structure that maintains rigor and achieves high level standards for all students;

  • Promote interdisciplinary approaches and the integration of writing across the curricula;

  • Integrate the creative and progressing use of technology to engage and promote 21st century thinking and learning;

  • Be anchored in problem-solving and critical thinking to make sense of and address complex global issues;

  • Promote differentiation of instruction to meet the varying needs of every learner;

  • Promote independent learners; and

  • Promote college and career readiness.

 We will know we have accomplished this when our students:

  • Develop the ability to think critically and globally, applying problem-solving skills, principles of logic, and independent thinking beyond the classroom;

  • Develop the ability to use and evaluate knowledge critically and independently across the curricula;

  • Are able to apply their knowledge and skills appropriately to any problem situation in all content areas;

  • Are able to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills to make sense of and address complex global issues;

  • Are able to use and keep pace with the technology for this 21st century;

  • Make at least a year’s growth in all subject areas evidenced on assessments; and

Show a significant percentage growth in the advanced learners levels in our schools from year to year on assessment.