ESL / Bilingual

English as a Second Language & Bilingual Education


We are honored that the NJ Department of Education has recognized our Elementary ESL & Bilingual Program as well as our High School ESL program by awarding us "model program" status!

Of the total 7,300 students in our schools, Franklin Township has about 800 ESL/Bilingual students enrolled in grades K-12.  Although there are over 65 languages spoken in our schools, the one most commonly spoken is Spanish, which is the language of our bilingual program. 

Our programs are based on a few key concepts, including: 

  • Integration of Language and Content

  • Grouping of students based on English proficiency levels

  • A combination of Pull-out and Push-in

  • Collaboration with content and general education teachers

  • Professional development for all teachers

Dates and information about visiting Franklin to learn more about our ESL & Bilingual program will be forthcoming.  Visits typically include:

  • a presentation about our programs

  • a Q&A with teachers and

  • classroom visits.

julie ochoa

Julie Ochoa

ESL/Bilingual Supervisor