Children with Disabilities (Child Find)

Welcome toThe Department of Pupil Personnel Services

Special Education, Child Study Teams, Preschool, Transition, SEPAC and Unified Sports Programs

Franklin Township Public Schools provides a continuum of programs and services designed to provide unique educational opportunities for all students Preschool through Grade 12.   

The District Offices are located at 2301 Route 27, Somerset, NJ 08873

Our Personnel:



Phone Number

Email Address

The Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Dr. Brenda Sofield

732-873-2400 Ext. 216

The Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services (Grades PreK-12)

Ms. Kimberly Bunch

732-873-2400 Ext. 410

The Supervisor of Special Education (Grades 6-12)

Ms. Holly Gamble

732-302-4200 Ext. 6108

The Supervisor of Special Education (Grades PK-5)

Ms. Jessica Horner


The Supervisor of Child Study Teams

Mr. Ryan Green

Mr. Ryan Green 732-873-2400 Ext. 499

The Early Childhood Supervisor

Ms. Dena Ann Febus

732-297-3427 Ext. 243

The Coordinator of Paraprofessionals

Ms. Anna Boardman

32-302-4200 Ext. 4452

Office Staff

Ms. Cathy Berger

ext. 203

Office Staff

Ms. Beth Vroman

ext. 204

Office Staff

Ms. Susan DePaola

ext. 201

Child Evaluation

If you are a resident of Franklin Township and suspect that your child is having learning difficulties or if a health care provider has indicated that your child should be evaluated, please contact the Department of Pupil Personnel Services, 2301 Route 27, Somerset, New Jersey, 08873, phone:  732-873-2400 Ext. 203.

El aprendizaje no conoce límites. Si usted es un residente del municipio de Franklin y sospecha que su hijo tiene problemas de aprendizaje o si un médico ha indicado que su hijo debe ser evaluado, por favor póngase en contacto con el Departamento de Servicios Estudiantiles de Personal 2301 Route 27, Somerset, New Jersey, 08873, 732-873-2400 Ext. 203.

Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) Letters

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