Student Assistance Coordinators

What is a Student Assistance Counselor?

New Jersey Statutes mandate that each school district provide education, intervention, and counseling services for all students involved in various crisis situations. The New Jersey Association of Student Assistance Professionals define Student Assistance Programs as a comprehensive framework for the delivery of K- 12 universal, targeted and selected prevention/intervention strategies and programs.  These services are provided by the Student Assistance Counselors (SAC), who develop programs to reduce risk factors, promote protective factors and increase asset development.

History has long documented the negative impact of individual and community stressors on youth. Young people impacted by individual, family, and community stressors are at greater risk for socio-emotional and behavioral health concerns as well as lowered academic achievement. Student Assistance Counselors work toward addressing these factors in the school setting to improve the educational opportunities of all students.

What is a Student Assistance Counselor? A Student Assistance Counselor may vary in his/her role from district to district. The Franklin Township School District’s SAC program utilizes effective practices, principles, and strategies along with a systems approach to respond to student problems. Therefore, our Student Assistance Counselors partner with parents, students, school resource officers, other school faculty, community coalitions, agencies and services to remove barriers that impede student success.

The Student Assistance process promotes healthy, safe and drug-free life-styles along with strength-based approaches in working with youth. Student Assistance Counselors do not provide treatment to students, but rather utilize existing resources within the school to address school-based concerns, and link students and their families with community resources to provide for needs requiring specialized services.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact the Student Assistance Counselors at their designated schools.  For further information, please contact the following Student Assistance Counselors listed below: 






Stacy Hale


Franklin High School

732-302-4200 Ext. 4663

FHS, Room B233

Sheyna Britton

Franklin High School

732-302-4200 Ext. 4321

FHS, Room C235

Joshua Duncan

Middle School-Hamilton Street Campus

732-249-6410 Ext. 217


Jamie Morales

Middle School-Sampson G. Smith Campus

732-873-2800 Ext. 172


Student Assistance Counselors (SAC) provide valuable support and resources to students and parents. At the elementary and middle school levels, programs on character education, bullying and family support are provided. At the high school level additional resources for students include drug and alcohol awareness. Both levels of SAC provide support and coordinate outside resources in the event of a tragedy.

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