PTO/PTSO Presidents' Council

About the Council

Franklin Township School District PTO/PTSO Presidents Council

The Presidents Council consists of elected PTO/PTSO officers of the district’s nine public schools. It operates independently of the schools’ PTO/PTSO, and is governed by two officers, Chairperson and Secretary, who are elected for a 1-year term at the Council’s June meeting. Like building principals are to their school’s PTO/PTSO, the Superintendent of Schools is a non-elected member of the Council; however, his/her participation in the Council affairs is limited. The Superintendent does NOT partake in the election of Council officers. 

The mission of the PTO/PTSO Presidents Council is to continuously advocate for strong, sustained and proven data-driven educational polices and initiatives that will unequivocally lead to measurable student growth.

The main function of the Council is to provide a forum by which individual school PTO/PTSO leadership can coalesce and establish strategies that will support district and school administrators achieve the mission of our Public Schools. Council members are dedicated parent/student advocates whose advocacy spanned many years of experience with parent-connected organizations in the various public schools. The Council members are committed to working collaboratively with BOE leadership, school administrators and educators to promote a sustained culture of learning and high academic practices for all students of our public schools. To that end, the Council meets monthly during the school year to discuss various educational initiatives and Board policies. During these meetings, district educational leaders and other like-minded guests are invited to address the concerns of the Council which represents the collective worries of parents and students throughout the district schools.

Additionally, the Council members will engage in team building and support for individual school PTO/PTSO. Although the Council will not participate in the day-to-day functioning of PTOs/PTSOs, it will, when requested, provide support and assistance to these organizations.